Currents changelog
Currents changelog

Automated Reports




✨ Automated Reports help teams to proactively identify regressions in test performance and take an action


  • Prevent problems that go unnoticed for weeks
  • Reduce the waste of CI resources caused by failed or flaky tests
  • Avoid your team's frustration from rerunning unreliable and flaky tests again and again

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March 15 Release



  • Clickable Test Flakiness and Results charts

Clicking on a bar in Tests Flakiness / Results insights view would open the list of the flakiest or most failing tests for the selected period.


  • Reversed order of Insight Charts data table

The latest entries would appear first

  • Improved cypress-cloud batched parallelization.

The default duration-based load balancing prioritizes the specs with the longest expected duration. When the longest spec files appear in the same batched together, the overall duration can increase. The improved orchestration prevents this. This is only applicable to cypress-cloud integration.

March 10 Release



  • Limit login methods for SSO-enabled organizations

March 8 Release



  • Copy the contents of a code block


March 7 Release



  • Clickable Insights Chart Bars - clicking on a chart bar would open the runs created within the timeframe


  • Slack notifications - show the failed spec files and tests summary


March 6 Release




The Date Selection component was updated:

  • Added "Today" to the predefined dates list
  • Added a hint setting a custom data range




  • Improve performance by loading Run Summary errors list on demand
  • Backend performance improvements to improve the loading speed for runs with many spec files

Errors Explorer




Identify and troubleshoot the most common errors detected across multiple runs.


The errors are sorted according to the # of occurrences, and you can filter the occurrences to only account for errors detected between specific dates, on specific branches or tags.

Expanding an error item would show additional details:

  • tests, branches and tags with the highest # of failures due to the error
  • the most recent executions failed due to the selected error


Feb 20 Release




More Top Errors in Run Summary

Run Summary shows more Top Error Items (up to 15)

Increase the default images expiration for REST API

The default expiration for signed storage URLs was increased to 3 days for screenshots/videos returned as part of the REST API responses

Shorter identifiers

We are using shorter entity identifiers to allow more compact URLs


Password-based Login Form

You can now set a feature flag to always show the password form on login screen. The FF is stored in the browser's local storage, so if you use many browsers, you will need to set the FF on each of them.

Visit the following URL to activate the FF:



  • Fixed a bug where existing users that are migrating to SSO would see an empty screen on the first sign-on attempt using the SSO

CSV Exports for Insights




You can now export Insights as CSV directly from the dashboard. For more comprehensive use cases, you can still use the REST API.


AND/OR Tags Filter




You can now select "AND" or "OR" logical operator when filtering by tag